Kandinsky for kindergarteners ~ Painting party in Richmond

Today I traveled down south a-ways for the painting party of one special birthday girl who turned six and seven of her buddies from her kindergarten class. Since it was such a beautiful day to be outside, we set up "shop" on the nearest grassy knoll...

My set-up includes a finished piece, my field easel with a work-in-progress piece to demonstrate technique and color application, as well as my business signage. Today it looked like this...

Our inspiration piece was Wassily Kandinsky's color study of concentric circles in squares...

My students for the day worked to a soundtrack of Vivaldi and with the birds chirping, occasional breeze, and canvases with plenty of space to stretch out on, there wasn't a peep out of them for over an hour. The birthday girl's father noted that today's party was "the quietest kids' birthday party he has ever witnessed." What can I say? Art is amazing like that.

The pieces worked up in about an hour of time and every masterpiece maker was quite tickled and VERY impressed with themselves considering when we got started, most all of them noted that they didn't think they would be able to do it.

All in all, this was a wonderfully lovely way to kick off painting party season for the 2011 year. Richmond, Virginia is just on the outskirts of what I consider to be my service area (so it was a little bit of a drive for me) but I enjoyed myself so much that I look forward to traveling down there again and I'm glad that going there is both do-able and so enjoyable.

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  1. I bet the kids had fun! What is more fun than being outside being creative :)