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The first charity/ministry/NPO that will be the recipient of the 10% stream of monetary donations from Make and Take Masterpieces' profit margins will be...

In case you didn't know already, NURU International is Ah-MAY-Zing! They are an ambitious fighting power in the world community against all things that contribute to extreme poverty.  Here is an official run-down of the answered FAQs from the official website...

Why was Nuru founded?  Nuru was created out of Jake Harriman’s and John Hancox’s desire to practically live out the teachings of Jesus and engage the crisis of extreme poverty. By partnering with impoverished communities around the world Nuru seeks to empower the poor with the means to acquire clean drinking water, food, healthcare, education, and micro-enterprise.  To learn more check out the Nuru Story. 
What does Nuru mean?  Nuru is a Kiswahili word meaning light (Kiswahili is the language of the Kuria people). 
How is Nuru different?  The fight against extreme poverty needs new ideas, fresh perspectives and innovative methods. Nuru is different than other humanitarian organizations in several ways, but in short, we’re students of history and have studied the successes and failures of the humanitarian sector from the past 50 years. From our research and experience we’ve compiled a groundbreaking new model that is holistic, sustainable, empowering, measurable and scalable. We’re also rallying the next generation in the developed world around the cause of ending extreme poverty in our lifetimes. To learn more, check out How Nuru Works. 
Is Nuru a Religious Organization?  Nuru International is not a religious organization. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit charity committed to pioneering holistic, sustainable solutions to end extreme poverty in partnership with the poor. 
Where does the money go?  Nuru is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit charity committed to pioneering holistic, sustainable solutions to end extreme poverty in partnership with the poor. Our goal is to become completely financially sustainable within fifteen years by developing revenue sources within our Seed Projects and volunteer tourism. However, as we begin this journey, we have many financial needs as we empower the Kuria people to end extreme poverty in their community. 
How do you choose Seed Project locations?  Nuru is committed to serving the over 1.4 billion people in the world living in extreme poverty (earning less than $1.25 a day) by focusing on rural communities. Seed Project locations are determined by a number of factors including community size (between 5,000-10,000), community commitment, the absence of other NGOs, the specific needs of the community in relation to our 5 Areas of Development, and the potential to maximize our organizational impact. To learn more, check out How Nuru Works. 

How do I get involved in fighting extreme poverty?  There are many ways to get into the fight. To learn more check out our Do Something page. 

How do I donate?  There are three ways to donate: here on our website, on our Facebook Cause Page, or by check. For specifics, go to our Donate page
(source of FAQs)

How excited are you to partner with NURU International now? I'm seriously bowled over to team up with them and share the gift of giving with you all. How amazing is it that your masterpiece created with your amazing creativity will be adding beauty to this world far beyonds the edges of the canvas you paint upon? Seriously! Every masterpiece made with Make and Take Masterpieces will be contributing to the ending of world wide extreme poverty with NURU International!!! I am really trying to take this in right now but it's hard for me to even sit still because all I want to do is go and paint and get started already.

Now, Make and Take Masterpieces could have picked a number of other charitable organizations to team up with (And we will - trust me! There are PLENTY more we want to get our paint-stained hands on so standby because your favorite charity/NPO could be next!) but NURU International was picked first because of the following reasons...

  • It serves the world community and doesn't limit its giving/providing in any way. (Make and Take Masterpieces wanted to go global with this first offering and giving!)
  • It covers a number of different areas of need - providing clean water, promoting education to be better stewards of the earthly resources we have all been given, providing healthcare, and encouraging better community economic development
I hope you all are excited (or are getting there and fast!) about this great partnership with NURU International. As I've stated before, this is only the beginning and Make and Take Masterpieces is looking to spread the creativity, paint, and LOVE as far as it can go. Let's not waste any more time, OK? How about we get to ending extreme poverty already? I mean... flexing those creative muscles and making some serious masterpieces.*wink*

Painting parties, individual instruction, and corporate team building events can be booked by emailing  
our booking department at OR by submitting your information request via 
the official Make and Take Masterpieces Website in the contact form section.

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