Not all brushes are created equal

Fact: a REAL artist can create a work of art anytime, anywhere, and with any media.

That being said, having the right tools definitely does make the making of any masterpiece that much more fun, simple, and enjoyable!

One of the gripes I hear more often than any other in my art instruction experience is this: There are so many tools of which to be used in art but I don't know how/when I should use them and - by the way(!) - what's the correct way to use them all?

Rest assured! Make and Take Masterpieces has you covered!

Designing and creating any masterpiece is a daunting undertaking for sure. I mean, have you been to an art and craft supply store? Have you seen the whole departments of these stores devoted just to canvases and drawing surfaces? It's very intimidating! Even for the seasoned and veteran artist! But we, at Make and Take Masterpieces, take all of the guess work out of those decisions that need to be made in order for your Masterpieces to take shape on your canvas. We know the right types and brands of paints that should be used, we've got the easel set-ups figured out, and come next week we will have brand-spankin' NEW sets of long-handled brushes for every Make and Take Masterpiece artist to paint their canvases! *YAY!!!*

(Did you know the length of the handle of a paintbrush can make a difference? Oh yes. It most certainly does! And I'll give you the skinny on that at your next painting event. *wink*)

By the way... have you bought tickets for the Spring Spectacular Auction at AACS yet? Up for auction will be that awesome package of a six person painting party AND an official Make and Take Masterpieces t-shirt! Get your ticket while you still can and support a great cause while you're at it. 

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