How does this work?

We are traveling art instruction with a completely mobile art studio! We bring everything possibly needed to YOU so you can create a true work of art. "Have paintbrush, will travel" is our motto!

Everything? What do you mean by everything?

By everything we mean all of the obvious stuff - paints, brushes, canvases, palettes, palette knives, and even easels. You provide the space and the willing artists, we'll bring all the rest for you to turn out enough artwork to fill a gallery.

But I've NEVER painted before! How am I supposed to be a REAL artist when I've never done it before?

Our professional fine art instructors will spend two to three hours guiding you through a step-by-step creative process and you WILL produce a finished piece of fine artwork. They will show you how to lay out a painting, select the correct brushes, mix colors, and paint your canvas in a way that will produce an absolute masterpiece. Trust us!

Seriously. I'm far from a real artist and can barely draw a stick figure much less make a whole painting. Can I really be REAL artist?

Yes, YES, and YES!!!!!! Our art instructors have extensive teaching experience with ALL ability and experience levels as well as experience teaching individuals who are as young as two to those who are forever young at heart. Additionally, they have a serious passion for sharing their love of the visual arts with others and they are always armed with the most important tools of any great artist and teacher - inspiration that is contagious and a very lively spirit.

OK. I'm sold! Where can I sign myself up for this? How much will this cost? Also, can I invite a few friends to join me?
Visit the section on our website called "Pricing" for all of the down and dirty details for you to make your masterpiece! And PLEASE spread the word and invite people to join you! We can accommodate adult parties of no more than 20 folks and kid parties no more than 12 (depending upon the age range).

Have a a special event like a bridal shower or a bigger group more in the way of corporate team building? Contact us! We can and will most certainly work something out.

I just read in the pricing that some masterpiece selections will take up to three hours to finish painting! That seems like an awfully long time. Will I really be painting for three hours?

Yes and no. Before you begin your masterpiece you will have the hardest decision to make - deciding which one you'd like to do first! I've categorized them by time frame because I've got the expertise to know how long it takes to complete a full painting especially with regard to a person's ability level. A many as three hours is not out of the ordinary for painting a fully finished work of art but I offer a multitude of options so if you don't have that much time you can pick a masterpiece less complex (but still just as beautiful when finished) to complete. Usually though? People love doing the three hour masterpieces. Why? Because once you get started, you get so "into" it and you have so much fun that you hardly can stop yourself when it's time. Still doubtful? Hire me for a trial run and I promise you that once we come to close to the end of your masterpiece you will either 1) be begging me to stay just a little longer or 2) asking if you can paint another one already.