The gift of giving

Yes. Make and Take Masterpieces is a brand new company in the DC area. Just the same, I am no stranger to the business world and/or the realm of art instruction and education. Still for all of my years of experience and "seasoning," one thing reigns true and stays fresh in whatever I try to do in my life and work: Wholehearted and joyful giving and sharing is better than anything else the world could offer for me to have and keep for just my own.

I love to give. It's one of my favorite things in the world! And because of this, a major element of my business practices is one that is rooted in the act of giving. I've been busy doing all kinds of the important behind-the-scenes marketing and business administrative tasks but I've also been "plotting" how paths should be taken to actively give to others and reach out to folks.  Within the next few months, I'm actively giving to communities and causes of folks who not only need a little bit more art in their lives but also need to experience the joy and empowerment that comes with accepting that every single one of us has the power within to CREATE. Can I be a "superhero" who carries a paintbrush and an imagination fueled with endless visions? Because I'm thinking that's what I really want to be.

The acts of kindness I have aligned for the next few months include but are far from limited to the following:
  1. Giving away (1) three-hour masterpiece painting party for six adults to the Annapolis Area Christian School's Spring Spectacular Auction on Saturday, March 19th. Tickets and access to the event (via charitable sponsorship) are available online and all proceeds of the event will go to support the the advancement of technology within the school community.  The prize package I've donated is valued at $270 and can be exchanged for another party (for kids, individual instruction, etc.) in kind. Also included in the prize package is one of those fun and awesome official t-shirts I was hyping up earlier this week. The total value of the prize package including the official shirt is $300. 
  2. Hosting an event for a select group of young and promising artists at a local area church just before Mother's day. This is specifically geared towards those who have little pocket change but a ton of love for their moms so they can gift and honor their mothers with beautiful masterpieces of their making.
  3. A long-list of charitable organizations (based both locally and worldwide) who will actively take turns receiving a 10% monetary donation from every single Make and Take Masterpiece party, team building event, OR individual instruction opportunity that happens. This means that anytime you host/have a painting event, you will get to experience the amazing joy that is painting in addition to being able to actively give to those who actively have needs that are not being met. 
This is just a small sampling of the ways I am hoping to "practice what I preach," lead by example, and truly promote Art that isn't just about creating but is also about giving.

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