Wearable art!

*Drumroll PLEASE!*

I present the official Make and Take Masterpieces t-shirt design...

Here's the deal:

  1. Because I'm an artist, I rarely wear an outfit that doesn't have paint stains on it somewhere or another.
  2. I believe that art should be looked at and appreciated as much as enjoyed.
  3. One of the simplest joys in life for me is CUSTOM designed and printed clothing!
The short of it all is I'm always ALWAYS looking to flex my creativity. Now that this business is up and running in all directions, I thought to myself, "Why not create an official t-shirt design?" So here it is with our studio motto and tagline!

YOUR shirt (because I know you will want one to sport all about town!) will be digitally printed on both front and back of either a short-sleeve or long-sleeve white t-shirt. Sizes for every member of the family are available and if you want one? You only need to contact me through the official website OR email me at makeandtakemasterpieces{AT}gmail.com and let me know me what size(s) you need and how many you want! I've already ordered a bunch for myself and my family as well as one more to giveaway in a few weeks (more about this later so standby!) and I cannot wait to get mine! Print and delivery time is around 2 weeks or so the faster you order yours? Well, the sooner I can get it to you. Contact me please for pricing and quantity-based discounts!

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