Hello and how are YOU? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog even though this is the only lone posting so far. Since the official opening of MAKE and TAKE MASTERPIECES, I've been very busy with all of the following...

  • Getting new sample masterpieces finished and up on the official website for YOU to choose from for your first AND second masterpieces - because, let's face it, after you do one I know you will be rearing to make another ASAP!
  • Finalizing fun and cool t-shirt designs for you to wear some art as much as create it
  • Gearing up for two MAJOR painting party giveaways (that's right, it will be FREE for you and some of your buddies to become official masterpiece makers) to the Annapolis Area Christian School's annual Spring Spectacular event as well as to all of the fans on the official facebook fanpage.
  • Lining up what will soon become a constant flow of giving to many MANY charity organizations all through the act of YOUR creativity and masterpiece making!
Sure there's not a lot of content here now but standby(!) because that's going to be changing very VERY quickly since I know you don't want to miss the excitement, don't forgot to add us to your blogroll or list of favorite bookmarks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to all of the to-do items on my list. *wink*

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