Turtle power! ~ Painting Party in Southern Maryland

This past weekend I packed up the easels, brushes, paints, and canvases, and headed down south to St. Mary's County in Southern Maryland. "Kate the Great" (as she is known by all who know and love her) celebrated her 6th birthday with her closest buddies who also happen to be rising artists - complete with the classic artist berets, too!

A few weeks back when I met with Kate and her mom to do her party consult, I helped her flip through the painting selection catalog and she confidently selected a turtle painting. Perhaps it's because she is a true-at-heart Marylander (Go TERPS!) that she decided on the turtle painting OR maybe it's just because she thinks turtles are really cool subjects that deserve a little more celebration than what are naturally given. (I don't blame you, Kate! I think turtles are pretty neat too and I have my high school years of obsessing over them to prove it. *wink*)

Kate and each of her good pals got their own canvas and easel set-up and they did a great job at getting straight to work with things.Some kept to a very specifically defined color palette in the way of a the cool analogous color family of blues and greens (mostly it was the boys who did this) but all the rest had a great time spinning the giant color wheel I always have on hand in order to learn proper color mixing recipes for bright and fun turtle shells.

All in all, everybody did their own thing and ran with their own personal inspirations and turned out beautifully painted turtles by the end of the painting session.

Thank YOU, Miss Kate, for having an awesome and FUN birthday party! Visiting Southern Maryland was fun for me and I hope to keep bring more painting parties down your way.

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